Johnny’s Failure — Part 2

Failure to Read the Textbooks and Take Notes

Photo by Jim LaBate

Next, Detective Frament went downstairs to the living room, and the Yankee fan was brought in for questioning.

“Okay, who are you: Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez?”

“Pardon me, Sir?”

“What’s your name, Son, and how do you know Johnny?”

“My name’s Larry, but everybody calls me Yogi.”

“And how do you know Johnny?”

“We used to be neighbors, and I sold him that car in the garage.”

“He paid money for that piece of crap?”

“That car’s going to be worth a lot of money some day. We work on it a couple nights a week.”

“Are you in the automotive program at school?”

“No, Sir.”

“So, in other words, you guys don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

“Well, at first, we didn’t, but we’re starting to get the hang of it.”

“Shouldn’t you be studying a couple nights a week instead of playing around with this car?”

“We do. Johnny usually kicks me out around midnight, so he can get some reading done; then, I go home and do my work.”

“Yogi, do me a favor. Go grab that backpack over there, the one in the trash can.”

As Yogi retrieved the backpack, Detective Frament shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“What now, Sir?” Yogi asked when he returned.

“Yogi, pull the textbooks out of that backpack, and describe them to me.”

As Yogi fumbled through the pile of books, his eyes began to light up. “Wow! These books are in great shape, like they’re still brand new. Johnny took good care of them. I bet I could get almost full price if I tried to sell them.”

Still shaking his head, Detective Frament spoke to Yogi again. “Yogi, grab that yellow thing sticking out of the side pocket of the backpack.”


“Do you know what that’s called?”

“Looks like some kind of magic marker, but I don’t think Johnny was taking any art classes.”

“Did you ever see Johnny use one of those?”

“No, Sir. Like I said, I don’t think — ”

“I know what you said, Yogi. Do me one more favor; try and write with it, and let me know how it works.”

Yogi struggled to get the cap off and commented, “I don’t think this has been used either.” Then, when Yogi finally opened it and wrote on a blank sheet of paper, he added, “This thing works great; I bet I could get full price for this too.”

“Okay, Yogi. I think that’s all for now.”

Written by

Jim LaBate works as a writing specialist in The Writing Center at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in Troy, New York.

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